Intermittent Fasting: Weeks 2 and 3

I was late getting week two written up when I realized that week three was shaping up exactly the same way…so this post is a two-fer and covers both! As you may recall, I had two goals for week two: get to the gym at least twice in addition to teaching my fitness class on […]


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Intermittent Fasting: Week 1

Welp… I am at the end of my first full week of intermittent fasting. First week impressions: Not as challenging as I thought it would be The entire experience is not starting out the way I thought it would start My energy seemed no different….until today I feel like this is a very sustainable practice […]

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What the F**k is a Macro, Anyway?

As I started investigating how to better get on top of my health, and especially my eating habits, I kept running across this term. “Macro”. #Macros #MacrosCoach #IfItFitsYourMacros #MacroShot  It was everywhere. Clearly macros were important to people, but I did not understand what a macro was. “Macro” is short for macro-nutrient. When measuring the […]

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