Welcome to the home of Funked Up Fit!

Funked Up Fit is my name for all the wacky stuff I do that is health and fitness related.  This is not about weight loss, it’s not about measurements, it’s not about fitting into some standard of beauty.  Health and Fitness is about making the beautiful machine that is your body function at it’s best.

Your goals are YOURS. You set them…you own them.  I’m here to help you achieve those goals…not tell you what they should be.

Looking for weight loss? Great….we can tackle that.

Looking for flexibility? On it.

Looking to balance stress and/or depression? Tell me about it!  You are covered!

Looking to get out and just feel how great it is to move? You are in the right place!

Check out the class schedule, and feel free to contact me with any questions!


Instagram: @funkedupfit